I followed Queen Letizia’s salmon diet for a week – and I lost weight

Daily Express tests out Queen Letizia's salmon diet

The diet was created by Doctor Nicholas Perricone and is considered one of the most effective weight loss methods.

The Perricone diet specifically advises having salmon on a daily basis, ideally in the morning, for its omega-3 fatty, antioxidants and “rejuvenating” properties.

Queen Letizia of Spain, who is admired by many for her slim figure, reportedly consumes the recommended foods on a daily basis, including fresh fish for breakfast.

Royal insiders claimed that Queen Letizia’s go-to breakfast is a smoothie and an omelette with smoked salmon.

In an exclusive experiment for Express.co.uk, I decided to try the Perricone diet for seven consecutive days and I had salmon for breakfast every morning.

After seven days, the results were clear: I lost 400g (nearly one pound) and I felt healthier than ever. Salmon kept me fuller for longer preventing snacking and starting the day with a healthy breakfast also motivated me to eat a balanced and varied diet the rest of the day.

On top of that, I definitely felt the “rejuvenating” effects of having salmon on a daily basis, my skin looked radiant and I felt better and healthier than ever inside out.

A fitness and sports nutrition expert at Bulk.com talked to Express.co.uk about the benefits of salmon and revealed why having fish for breakfast is so good for you.

He said that “fish may be unusual for breakfast; however, it is the norm in many cultures and helps provide a well-balanced diet”.

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“Due to the protein found in fish, introducing some to your breakfast routine can help keep you fuller for longer and tackle sugar cravings later in the morning, ultimately preventing snacking.

“Fish contains two essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA, which help lower the risk of heart disease. They also provide your daily dose of Vitamin D and antioxidants.”

The expert recommended: “Grilled fish, such as salmon, would be great to incorporate into your breakfast and it also contains lots of vitamins and minerals.”

Dr Perricone explained: “One of the greatest joys of my research has been discovering the role of essential nutrients in the foods we eat and how they affect our beauty, health and longevity. What I often refer to as ‘superfoods’ are those with notably anti-inflammatory, healing and rejuvenating properties, which have been forgotten in today’s world of fast and processed food.”

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What did I have for breakfast?

  • Day one: Smoked salmon with cream cheese on toast (rye bread)
  • Day two: Smoked salmon with avocado on toast (dark rye crispbread)
  • Day three: Grilled salmon and avocado wrap
  • Day four: Scrambled eggs with grilled salmon on toast
  • Day five: Smoked salmon, prawns, corn and cous cous wrap
  • Day six: Smoked salmon, boiled egg and corn wrap
  • Day seven: Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and celery wrap

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