Woman ditches 9-a-day crisp habit and lost 14 stone

Charlene Marie, 34, weighed 26 stone 3lb at her heaviest, and felt she was unable to play a full part in her three children’s lives due to her size. She explained, exclusively to Express.co.uk, how she was excluded from school trips and how her children were vulnerable to teasing from other kids over her size. Charlene said: “When I was heavier, […]

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‘I’ve lost three stone by just eating meat and chunks of butter’

Courtney Luna, 39, had tried every diet under the sun, but none seemed to stick. Frustrated by her constant weight fluctuations, she was determined to find a solution that would work for her. So she tried the so called lion diet. This unconventional approach involves consuming solely meat and animal products. The idea came to Courtney when her husband, Jeff, […]

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Lose weight ‘fast and safely’ according to health experts’ advice

Slow and steady weight loss is ideal, but Holland & Barrett nutritionist Isabel Tarrant has explained how it’s possible to achieve fast weight loss safely.  1. Don’t cut out entire food groups  Isabel said: “To lose weight effectively and safely, you don’t need to cut out whole food groups e.g. carbs or dairy, as this can lead to nutrient deficiencies. […]

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