I followed Queen Letizia’s salmon diet for a week – and I lost weight

Daily Express tests out Queen Letizia’s salmon diet The diet was created by Doctor Nicholas Perricone and is considered one of the most effective weight loss methods. The Perricone diet specifically advises having salmon on a daily basis, ideally in the morning, for its omega-3 fatty, antioxidants and “rejuvenating” properties. Queen Letizia of Spain, who is admired by many for her slim […]

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Nutritionist shares tip to lose fat faster using baking soda – no diet required

According to a sports nutrition expert from Bulk.com, baking soda can act as a “stimulant” with “short, high-intensity periods of exercise”. They claimed that baking soda can “reduce fatigue during exercise”, help “boost the workout” and allow people to “exercise for a longer period of time”. The experts explained: “This is due to its ability to reduce hydrogen ions produced from […]

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