Nutritionist shares tip to lose fat faster using baking soda – no diet required

According to a sports nutrition expert from, baking soda can act as a “stimulant” with “short, high-intensity periods of exercise”.

They claimed that baking soda can “reduce fatigue during exercise”, help “boost the workout” and allow people to “exercise for a longer period of time”.

The experts explained: “This is due to its ability to reduce hydrogen ions produced from anaerobic metabolism.

“Essentially, it can help to increase strength, coordination, and high-intensity exercise performance, allowing you to push yourself further during intense activities such as weightlifting, running, swimming, and cycling.”

The experts suggested the ideal dose is 0.3 grams per kg and it should be taken 60–180 minutes before exercise, according to research.

Some doctors and nutrition experts, however, claimed that drinking water with baking soda or adding baking soda to meals “may have minor indirect effects on weight loss”.

According to the health site Healthline, baking soda, when combined with water, apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, is “especially effective at helping you shed excess body fat”.

However, “there’s little science to back this up,” they added and explained: “Baking soda may have an indirect weight-loss-promoting effect, mainly due to the liquid you choose to mix it with.”

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Baking soda can be diluted in water or mixed with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice and “when consumed daily, such beverages may result in larger daily fluid intake”.

This may “improve your overall hydration levels, an effect that studies suggest may reduce hunger, increase metabolism, and promote body fat loss,” Healthline explained.

Apple cider vinegar is a drink that “may help you feel less hungry”, according to research but “recent studies supporting apple cider vinegar’s weight loss effects are limited”.

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Experts at Medicinenet explained that baking soda may enhance the effects of “any exercises you do as part of a weight loss plan” and can improve speed and endurance during cardio.

According to a recent study, taking baking soda 60 minutes before a workout allowed participants to complete more repetitions with fewer symptoms of fatigue than the placebo, the heath site reported. recommends talking to your nutritionist or GP before starting a new diet or meal plan.

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