Amazon’s Slashing The Price Of 2 Dash Appliances Today

Deluxe Cold Press Juicer Want to restock your kitchen cabinets on the cheap? Look no further. Today, Amazon is taking up to 40 percent off of two Dash appliances: the juicer and air fryer. In case you didn’t get the memo, Dash is known for creating high-quality kitchen appliances at a fair, affordable price. And right now, you can score […]

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5 Ways to Use Italy’s Beloved Grana Padano

If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly looking for excuses to work cheese into your diet. For inspiration, we’re taking after our turophile (that’s the fancy term for “cheese-lover”) friends in Italy—and turning to one of the country’s best-selling varieties. Grana Padano is known for its hard, crumbly texture and savory, nutty bite (chef’s kiss)—similar to that of its cousin, […]

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This Dutch Oven Is Just as Stylish as it Is Useful

There is no question that we’re all experiencing some of the loneliest, most isolating times in the cursed year that is 2020. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, I know one thing is for sure. The relationship that I have with my Great Jones Dutch oven might be one of the strongest (literally and figuratively) in my life. This year has brought […]

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