Gregg Wallace shed the pounds and lost 4.5 stone with one simple change

Gregg Wallace talks about eating human meat

Fans of MasterChef have undoubtedly noticed the dramatic change in the 58-year-old TV star’s appearance over the past few series. From a starting weight of 16st and 7lbs, Gregg has successfully slimmed down to a svelte 12st and 1lb in a relatively short period of time.

The BBC judge has been proudly sharing his progress on social media, showcasing his slimmed-down physique through a series of before-and-after photos. But what is the secret behind his incredible weight loss journey?

Gregg has been refreshingly open about his transformation, revealing he did not have to deprive himself of meals to achieve his goals. Instead, he credits a simple yet effective trick for his change in appearance.

Last year, the culinary expert shared his top tip for those looking to shed some pounds: eliminate snacks, alcohol, and takeaways from your diet, and replace them with “three large, filling, healthy, balanced meals” each day. These changes meant “the weight came off”.

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In addition to his dietary changes, Gregg has also been diligent in keeping his fans updated on his workout routines. He firmly believes his weight loss success is a result of not only making wise nutritional choices but also staying satiated with well-rounded meals that prevent him from succumbing to unhealthy snacking habits.

The MasterChef star acknowledges his weight gain was partly due to his weakness for sweet treats. However, he strongly advises against fad diets, as he personally found them to be “really uncomfortable” and he was “horribly hungry and miserable all the time”.

According to Gregg, the key to achieving lasting results is to avoid overly restrictive and challenging regimens which leave you feeling miserable and constantly hungry. Instead, he advocates for a logical and maintainable approach to weight loss.

He advised: “Don’t go on a diet. Don’t do something that’s really difficult that you can’t maintain. We’re logical people, right? If it’s so difficult and so uncomfortable, you won’t keep it up.”

He also advised viewers to “reduce the snacking… reduce the takeaways” and said: “meal planning will help you eat healthily”.

At his heaviest, Gregg candidly shared he weighed around 16 and a half stone and was unhappy with his appearance. His motivation to lose weight stemmed from a desire to feel more confident on screen.

Even during the challenging period of the Covid lockdown, he remained committed to his exercise routine and healthy eating habits, successfully maintaining his weight loss. In fact, he proudly announced on Instagram: “Just under 12 stone. Being at home 24/7 makes good choices easier.”

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