People Are Putting Mustard On Their Watermelon So Of Course I Had To Try It

Lucky for you, dear reader, I had a huge watermelon on my counter waiting to be cut into and a big bottle of French’s yellow mustard in my fridge for the upcoming grilling season. I did the dang thing: smothered a watermelon slice with the mustard and bit into it.
Bestie, I hate to tell you this, but…I kind of liked it. It tasted really good in the weirdest of ways. The vinegar from the mustard mixed with the sweet, juicy watermelon counterbalanced each other which I wasn’t expecting. During the summer, my family makes this vibrant watermelon salad with herbs, red onion, and tons of vinegar, so it reminded me of a quick hack to accomplish that same taste. FWIW, our Video Director Julia (yup, the one you’ve definitely watched eat on camera before) gave the combo a try and said she’s likely going to be sticking with Tajín.
My final thoughts are that watermelon and mustard make a surprisingly good duo. I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to grab a bottle of mustard to pair with my melon all the time, but if they’re next to each other on my next barbecue spread…why not?
Always on TikTok trolling for cooking hacks? SAME. Let’s take our relationship to the next level.

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