Easy air fryer brownie recipe made with just four ingredients

Brownies are notoriously difficult to bake; you want to achieve a crunchy, crackled top but a gooey middle that is still moist.

Luckily, @thecontraversialkiwi shared his easy recipe for brownies in the air fryer.

In the video, he said: “Tonight, I’m going to bring you air fryer Nutella brownies, and the good thing about this recipe, is it’s only four ingredients.

“Into the air fryer on 160 degrees for 40 minutes – job done. Real quick to make and then you just chuck it in there [the air fryer] and leave it [for 40 minutes].”

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One cup of plain flour
One cup of sugar
One cup of Nutella or other chocolate spread
Three big eggs
Mixing bowl
Round cake tin

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1. Add the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl and combine.

2. Add the Nutella and eggs and whisk.

3. Line the round cake tin with baking paper, or if you don’t have that, butter and flour the base and edge of the tin, before adding the mixture to it.

4. Add it to the air fryer.

5. After baking, remove and cut a slice, and serve with ice cream.

As for how the brownie turned out, the content creator tried it and said: “The all-important taste test – you know me, if it’s s*** I’ll tell you, if it’s good I’ll tell you.

“That’s really crunchy on the top and really moist on the inside. It’s really, really, good.”

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