Where to store bread to ‘keep it fresher for longer’ – bread bin’s ‘worst place’

Tesco explained: “Fresh bread can go stale within two to three days, while store-bought bread lasts a maximum of one week, making it difficult to use up in time.” 

Before freezing leftover slices, This Morning, consumer expert Alice Beer discussed the best storage solution for bread. 

The majority of households choose to store bread in a bread bin, but Alice said: “Which? did a survey and said the traditional metal bread bin is the worst place to keep your bread, for keeping it fresh.” 

As for whether storing bread in the fridge is the better option, she explained: “So bread, if you put it in the fridge it will crystalise the starch molecules, so you want it fridge out. 

“The best place to keep it is in a cloth bag [outside the fridge and not in a bread bin], better than a plastic bag, that will keep it fresher for longer.” 

If you need to freeze bread, a slice loaf, or whole can be frozen, in the original plastic bag to “prevent it from drying out, and from absorbing other odours and flavours”. 

Tesco added: “Once you’ve sourced freezer space for your bread, you can keep it there for up to one month if it’s wrapped in a single layer.

“If you’ve done the double wrap, the bread will keep for as long as six months.” 

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When it comes to defrosting bread, it “couldn’t be simpler”, and the supermarket suggests: “All you need to do is take it out of the freezer, remove any plastic wrap (as this traps condensation), and leave it to thaw on your kitchen counter. Your bread will return to its soft self in no time. 

“There’s just one golden rule: do not freeze bread again once it’s been defrosted, as this will spoil the texture.

“Whole loaves can be defrosted in the oven,” Tesco added. 

“Slide the bread onto a middle shelf, sprinkle it with a little water, and heat at about 160°C for 20-30 minutes. This re-gelatinizes the bread’s starches, keeping the inside chewy, while the water will create an extra-crusty crust.”

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