Three rum cocktail recipes to impress with this weekend

Black Mojito


50ml The Kraken Black Spiced Rum

35ml sweet & sour mix (25ml lime, 10ml sugar syrup)

20ml Soda water

Whole mint sprig


Add to glass and fill with crushed ice.

Top with the soda water and whole mint sprig.

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Twisted Paradise


50ml The Kraken Black Cherry & Madagascan Vanilla Rum

20ml Cointreau

30ml Pineapple juice

40ml Passionfruit and mango coulis

15ml Lime juice

10ml Grenadine


Shake all ingredients together and pour into a hurricane glass with cubed ice.

For a showstopping finish, garnish with pineapple leaves and half a passionfruit.

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Espresso Rumtini


50ml The Kraken Roast Coffee

50ml Espresso

5ml Sugar Syrup (two parts sugars: one part water)


Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker and fill with ice.

Shake hard until shaker is ice cold and strain through fine strainer into a glass.

Garnish with three coffee beans.

Rum fans can knock up these cocktails using the three different flavours of Kraken.

Try the new Kraken Black Cherry & Madagascan Vanilla Black Spiced Rum, which features the flavours of rich cherries and an undercurrent of Madagascan vanilla.

Pick up The Kraken Roast Coffee for an intense but balanced coffee and rum combination, or stick with the classic Kraken Black Spice Rum. All RRP £26.

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