‘Super easy’ Halloween Oreo Bats take no time to make with just two ingredients

There are so many ways to eat Oreos including as a sweet sandwich biscuit or by following the“twist, lick and dunk” slogan.

Just yesterday Stacey Solomon shared her easy, family-friendly recipe for a Halloween-themed Oreo snack on her Instagram page, and it’s one that’s widely loved by others including food blogger Alison Corey.

Writing on her blog Keeping the Peas, the health coach said: “These super easy Oreo Bats are an easy vegan Halloween cookie that takes no time and has no fancy ingredients!

“They are a fun, festive, and cute treat you can make with the kids!”

Not only are they that simple to assemble but also entirely plant-based thanks to the vegan Oreo formula.

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  • Oreo cookies or other chocolate sandwich cookies to create the bats
  • Black or white writing icing to draw a smile
  • Mini Chocolate Chips to make the googly eyes (optional)

Alison said: “If you want to make this Halloween treat a little extra fancy, you can dip the tops of the cookies in melted chocolate – just remove one side of the cookie for the wings before doing this.”

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How to make Oreo bats

Twist the cookie to separate the two chocolate halves – the cream filling will usually stick mostly to one side.

With a butter knife, scrape half of the cream off the cookie, then divide this into two.

Roll the cream into two small balls and gently flatten with your finger. These two rounds will become the white of the bat’s eyes.

Place a mini chocolate chip in the centre of the two white rounds to form googly eyes. With the chocolate cookie that doesn’t have any cream, carefully break it in half.

Alison explained: “It can be a bit tricky to get the perfect break. If it’s not the perfect break halfway down, use the butter knife to scrape a little cookie off the center to try to even them out.”

Make two dots with the icing on the centre of the unbroken cookie, and draw a smile.

Press the googly eyes on each dot, then, using the cream on the other side of the cookie as glue, press the two cookie halves on either side to create the wings, rounded end up.

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