Smart storage solution to keep lettuce ‘fresh and crisp’ for 14 days

Lettuce or salad leaves wilt very quickly, but there is a new way to store these items to prolong their shelf life.

@simplydellicious on TikTok is run by Tracy Simon and Jenny Dell, two passionate cooks.

In a recent video, they shared their storage hack for salad leaves.

“I thought everyone knew this hack, but just in case you don’t, you get a big pack of salad and all you have to do is open it, place a sheet of paper towel right on top and store it upside down in your fridge.

“It will take all the moisture and keep the lettuce fresh.”

@simplydellicious #KitchenHack Keep that #lettuce FRESH! All you need is a paper towel! #FoodHack #fyp ♬ original sound – Simply Dellicious

Salad leaves in America can be purchased in big plastic tubs which have tiny holes and a flip-top lid.

Whist salad in the UK isn’t available in plastic tubs, the storage hack will still work if you place the paper towel into the salad bag.

As for how well it works, Alliealbee1 said: “‘It works great. Thank you for the tip!”

Tara Adomelis wrote: “Omg the turning upside down!!!! I had no idea.” And Simply Dellicious replied: Game changer!”

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Using a paper towel can also work for lettuce heads too. Peniel13 explained: “The best tip I ever had was to wrap the lettuce in kitchen paper towel and put into a plastic bag and clip it shut.

“Works like a miracle with the compacted heads of lettuce like Romaine etc, even iceberg!

“Just peel off the leaves as required and send back to the fridge re wrapped. Don’t know about standard garden lettuce, as not fond of leathery leaves!”

As for how long a salad bag will last if kept this way, according to Food Network, lettuce stays fresh for seven to 10 days.

But the paper towel can extend this time frame by another couple of days.

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