Make strawberries ‘last for weeks’ with smart storage solution

British strawberries are delish and sweet but need to be consumed within a couple of days of buying them as they are one of many berries that start to deteriorate quickly, going mushy and mouldy.

Nicole K. Modic, aka @kalejunkie on TikTok, shared her two storage solutions for strawberries, and apparently, it makes the berries “last for weeks”.

In a video, she said: “If you’re new here, I share a lot of food tips and today, I’m going to tell you every single thing you need to know about how to store your berrries, how to wash them and even how to make them last for weeks.

“If you’re going to eat your berries within a few days, do not wash them.

“First, go through and pick out any mouldy ones and remove those. If any mouldy strawberries touch others, they will go bad too.

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“Now place a paper towel on top and store in the fridge – you can use the clamshell container the berries came in or ust transfer to a glass container, it’s really just personal preference.”

She continued: “Now let’s talk about how to wash these berries, you don’t need to buy any fancy fruit or berry wash.

“Just add your berries to a bowl with a few teaspoons of salt and cold water. Let the berries sit in the solution for five minutes, rinse them off and enjoy. You’re going to be amazed at all the grime and dirt that comes off.

“So now I’m really going to blow your mind. Suppose you buy berries in bulk and you aren’t going to use them in a few days, you want to make them last a week or even two weeks. Here’s how.

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“Add your berries to a bowl with one cup of vinegar and three cups of water. The vinegar helps kill the bacteria and slows the rate of new bacteria from forming.

“Let this sit for 10 minutes and then drain the bowl.” Note, you don’t wash or rinse the berries after they have sat in the vinegar-water solution.

Nicole said: “Dry the berries well – moisture is the enemy. Then add your dry berries to a container with a paper towel on the bottom, and I also add one on top for good measure.

“Pop the container in the fridge and you’re good to go for a couple of weeks.”

She concluded with: “This question comes up a lot – no they do not taste like vinegar, and if you’re working with fragile berries like raspberries, make sure they’re not too ripe and soft to begin with, otherwise this method won’t work.”

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