Italian ‘Pasta Queen’ shares recipe for the ‘world’s best carbonara’

Carbonara is one of, if not the most popular creamy Italian pasta dishes loved by Britons, but it’s not something many people can master at home.

The traditional recipe combines a silky cheese sauce with crispy pancetta and black pepper to coat pasta shapes – traditionally spaghetti or rigatoni.

Italian home cook-turned-best-selling author, “The Pasta Queen” has revealed exactly how to make the “world’s best carbonara” with her authentic method.

Sharing the video on her Instagram page, @the_pastaqueen, Nadia said: “Let’s make a carbonara like the Roman Gods intended.”

She continued: “The world’s best carbonara always starts with some sizzled guanciale bacon.”

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  • Three egg yolks
  • Rigatoni
  • 100g Pecorino cheese
  • Black pepper
  • Guanciale bacon (pig cheeks) or fatty bacon/pancetta

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How to make classic carbonara

Nadia prides herself on her culinary excellence when it comes to pasta, and her carbonara is no exception.

The simple list of ingredients leaves little room for things to go wrong when making it, but making the dish perfect comes down to the order in which they are cooked.

In the video, she explained that carbonara should “always” start with pan-frying the chopped bacon in some oil until very crispy.

She said: “Meanwhile the eggs marry the pecorino cheese and the pepper is the witness giving life to a masterpiece.”

By this, she means the egg yolks should be separated from the whites and whisked into the finely grated pecorino cheese to form a thick sauce. This should be generously seasoned with cracked black pepper before being added to freshly cooked rigatoni pasta.

Of course, in true Italian style, the rigatoni is best cooked on the harder side – which is just right by Roman standards. A little pasta water should also be reserved for the sauce too.

The Pasta Queen continued: “The rigatoni are al dente, the pasta gods are touched. Now whisper, Guys this is scary good… just gorgeous.”

Once combined, the result is a silky cheese sauce with thick rigatoni pasta topped with crunchy bacon pieces.

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