‘I worked at McDonald’s for five years and I would never order two items’

The ex-McDonald’s worker took to Reddit to share their advice with McDonald’s lovers after five years of employment at the fast food chain.

Writing in a thread on the popular forum, the user who goes by the name stilakilla18 explained that most of their time at the company was spent preparing food, with one year as a manager.

While other employees have warned against ordering certain burgers, the Reddit user claimed that it’s not just food items that should be avoided by customers.

In fact, according to stilakilla18, certain drinks are another no-go.

Putting it simply in the Reddit thread, they claimed: “Drinks. Want to know how many times I’ve watched someone clean the nozzle for foundation drinks?”

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The former US fast-food chain employee claimed that in their five years there, the machine nozzle was cleaned just twice.

In the Reddit post, the forum user commented: “You don’t even wanna know what waste comes out of the speciality drinks like frappe or latte.

“Even being cleaned weekly, which rarely happened, I had a hell of a time fixing/cleaning our frappe/smoothie machine.”

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The former employee claimed that it’s not just drinks like milkshakes that should be avoided for this reason.

They said: “Same goes for ice cream. Just don’t.”

While this wasn’t entirely down to hygiene, the Reddit user claimed that the hose “constantly got clogged”, and was fixed “three times a day”.

Some forum users disagreed, however, noting that the drink and frappe machines were cleaned daily in their McDonald’s branches.

One person commented: “We cleaned the drink machine and frappe machine every single overnight shift What kind of McDonald’s were you working at omg?”

Another opined: “Can’t say the same for the place I used to work at due to the fact I only worked the back.”

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