Expert warns which vegetables should ‘never be stored together’

A life hack influencer has offered advice on how to store vegetables and fruit to stop them from spoiling prematurely – and it involves keeping certain products apart.

The handy tip comes from Lottie Dalziel, who has dedicated her account to innovative ideas on beating food waste with the help of storage hacks.

In a clip that’s amassed more than 90,300 likes, the TikToker argued that certain fruits and vegetables should not be stored together.

“Here are five things that your Mum should have told you about how you store fruits and vegetables correctly,” she noted.

In many Western countries, significant amounts of food go to waste because they are stored incorrectly or along with products that could speed up their perishing.

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“We throw out one in every five grocery bags that we bring through our door,” the content creator explained, pointing out that this equates to roughly 2,500 dollars worth of products.

The shelf life of perishable produce can be prolonged when certain rules are adhered to, however.

“Onions and potatoes should never ever be stored together,” noted Lottie. “The onions will cause the potatoes to sprout. Potatoes should go in a shady place.”

The reason the two foods should be kept apart is because of the moisture they release, which causes them to rot and spoil more quickly. 

Lottie also pointed out that bananas should never go “on the ground,” but should instead be hung up to eliminate the risk of bruising that happens when they’re lying on top of each other. 

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Next, the content creator explained that tomatoes should remain on the counter as opposed to the fridge, contrary to popular belief.

This tip is endorsed by many on the internet and is particularly true for tomatoes that have not yet ripened as they contain an enzyme that reacts to cold temperatures.

“You should pop all your celery and carrots into a water bath,” Lottie added. “[It] helps keep them nice and crunchy so they don’t go all soft and soggy.”

Last but not least, the content creator advises storing all herbs in a vase – like would a bunch of flowers – to make them last longer.

“They won’t go all wilted and soggy,” she said the conclude the clip, which racked up more than 200 comments.

One commentator wrote: “Omg I did not know the potato and onion thing but that makes a lot of sense! Thank you for saving my potatoes.”

“I thought it was common sense to hand the banana?” Another noted.

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