Cucumbers will ‘taste the same after two weeks’ with ‘brilliant’ storage tip

Like most salad ingredients many people put cucumbers in the fridge without a second thought.

In most cases, store-bought fruits will last for up to one week when left in their original plastic wrap, but there’s a high chance the texture will change.

Once cut, a cucumber may become dry on the exposed end and mushy inside. However, it is easily prevented.

According to the founders and “plant enthusiasts” at, there is one “simple yet brilliant” food storage hack that will “keep cucumbers fresh” for well over a week.

The gardening experts said: “Believe it or not, you only need one thing to keep your cucumbers fresh, and that is a metal spoon.”

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Instead of keeping cucumbers loose in their plastic casing, they should be transferred into a sealed container.

The bloggers claimed that maximising freshness is as simple as placing the spoon alongside the fruit and sealing the lid.

They claimed: “This won’t keep your cucumbers fresh for two or three more days, but they’ll still taste the same after up to two weeks if stored this way in the fridge.”

There are a few fundamentals that people need to get right for this to work, according to the experts, but they’re easily done.

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Perhaps the most important thing is to ensure that the spoon is metal rather than plastic or bamboo. This is because metal items “act as thermal conductors”.

As sighted in a 2001 study in the International Journal of Thermophysics, cucumbers are constantly exposed to temperature fluctuations when stored in the fridge, which leads to spoiling.

Whenever the door is opened or closed, temperature swings will occur. However, adding a metal spoon to the container will help them stay cool.

A second “rule” for mastering this handy storage solution is to ensure the cucumber is completely dry before sealing it in the container.

Excess moisture may lead to a soggy texture or even mould, so it’s important to wash and dry the fruit fully – no matter whether its whole or sliced.

The gardening experts warned: “Once you place the container with your cukes in the refrigerator, don’t take them out and put them back often. Remember, temperature swings may harm these veggies and they’ll be anything but fresh.”

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