‘Chop onions like this and you’re one step closer to becoming a chef’

Chopping onions is often seen as a daunting kitchen task, with the prospect of teary eyes and the struggle to achieve those tiny, uniform pieces.

However, Tommo Carroll, a TikTok user on a quest to master 100 ‘new skills’ within a year, has shared a game-changing hack.

Documenting his journey on the social media platform, he came across a video explaining a cutting technique used by Michelin-starred chefs and decided to pass on this newfound knowledge to his followers.

In the video, Tommo begins with a red onion, saying: “First, you quarter it, then you split it into individual layers. Then remove the end, and smoosh the layers down flat.”

After preparing the onion layers, Tommo proceeds to cut each one “super thin” both lengthwise and sideways, producing minuscule cubes perfect for cooking.

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He says: “They’re cut this way so they literally melt evenly into whatever you’re cooking.”

While Tommo admits this method is more time-consuming than traditional techniques, he believes the improved cooking results bring you “one step closer to becoming a chef.”

But some viewers argued that the process was too time-consuming, with one saying: “Too much work [I don’t care] about it, they taste good big.”

Another found the technique “so satisfying”, while one commented: “I love onions.”

Whether it’s a technique for you, it seems, will depend on how much time you’re willing to invest in the perfect onion chop.

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