Lidl and Morrisons shoppers at risk as urgent food recall for chocolates issued

On Friday, December 1, Mars Wrigley UK warned some of its Reveal chocolates were “unsafe to eat”. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) stated the following products were recalled: Revels More to Share, 205g Revels Pouch, 112g Revels Treat Bag, 71g Batch codes affected: 344G2SLO00 345B1SLO00 344E1SLO00 344E2SLO00 344F1SLO00 344F2SLO00 345D2SLO00 345E1SLO00 345E2SLO00 345F2SLO00 345G1SLO00 346C1SLO00 344G2SLO00. The FSA said: “These […]

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Air fryer Christmas dinner recipes will save up to 68% energy

Home-cooked Christmas dinner has so much to it beyond Turkey and all the trimmings. Timings, oven space and a well-organised kitchen are all key factors to consider before embarking on cooking the festive meal, add to that the back-aching task of constantly bending down to the oven, can make for a stressful experience. Luckily there are few elements of a […]

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Jacket potatoes will be ‘perfect every time’ with air fryer recipe

That’s why many people have taken to swapping their oven for efficient air fryers. The handy appliances have so many uses when it comes to cooking, including making the perfect jacket potato. According to Diana Zavzeatii, a TikTok chef better known as @‌busyavocado, air fryers and baked potatoes go together so well it’s hard to go back to traditional cooking […]

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