How to Make Claus Meyer's Danish Rye Bread

“When I was growing up 
in Denmark, smørrebrød was considered the workingman’s lunch,” says chef Claus Meyer, cofounder of Copenhagen’s iconic New Nordic restaurant Noma. “Every kid’s lunchbox had an open-face sandwich topped with pickled herring or sliced hard-boiled eggs 
in it.”

At his Great Northern Food Hall in New York 
City’s Grand Central Terminal, Meyer gives workaday smørrebrød a decidedly luxurious upgrade. His tangy housemade rye serves as 
a perfect canvas for dozens 
of creative varieties. Our favorites? Smoked salmon with horseradish skyr, 
apple and fennel, and sliced potatoes with dill mayo, pickled onions and petite potato chips. “It’s all about the contrasts and building 
a balanced bite,” Meyer says. “Plus, we try to make them pretty.” 89 E. 42nd St.;

Get Claus Meyer’s Danish Rye Bread recipe here.

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