The best Biscuits and gravy, sausage and bell peppers. ?

I wanted to make this ever since i was about 9 years old.


  1. 1 can 12 biscuits
  2. 4 pounds sausage. I call it (the intestine)
  3. 8 eggs
  4. Garlic, black pepper and onion powder
  5. Pinch salt and table pepper
  6. 6 packs gravy
  7. 3 bell peppers. (Colored)


  1. Fallow the gravy directions (and when the gravy is done i put a serving spoon of bacon grease in there too and stir it in well)

  2. Cut up and Cook you sausage. And put garlic, onion, and black pepper on it and set aside.

  3. De-stem your bell’s and cut or rip them up and cook them.

  4. Scramble your eggs put about 5 plops of milk in it and garlic powder and about 5 pinches of salt and table pepper on the mixture and cook your eggs (after the intestine in cooked so there cooking in the guts of the pig ?)

  5. Make your biscuits.

  6. After there done crumble your biscuits on a plate along with some crumbled sausage and top it off with gravy and (adorn or garnish) with table pepper.

  7. Enjoy.

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