Summer Bamboo Shoot Salad (with mayonnaise)

This cool, fresh salad is a popular dish in summer. It’s oldham bamboo shoot season now in Taiwan. Remember refrigerate it before serving?


  1. 1 Oldham bamboo shoot
  2. 1 mayonnaise (pack)


  1. Place bamboo shoot (with shell) in cold water, the bamboo shoot need under the water. When boil, cook for 50 minutes over medium heat.(don’t cover it).

  2. Let cool with the water, then refrigerate for 2 hours.

  3. Cut off the the top. Remove the shell of bamboo shoot.

  4. Cut off the coarse fiber at the bottom of bamboo shoot. The rest part of bamboo shoot is more tender.

  5. Cut the bamboo shoot into pieces. Dressing with mayonnaise.

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