Sultan fried rice

started doing this recipe using left over sushi rice.


  1. 1 cup sticky rice
  2. 3 tbsp rice vinegar
  3. 2 pinches sugar
  4. 3 tbsp sesame oil
  5. 2 egg
  6. 1/8 th cup soy sauce
  7. can carrots and peas
  8. 1/4 th onion
  9. 1 cup water


  1. Wash and drain rice 3-4 times. while rice is in water, lightly grind to release starch. water should be less cloudy on final rinse.

  2. High heat, bring rice and one cup of water to slight boil. edges will start to bubble. then turn heat to low, and top with tight lid. (use towel if needed to seal the lid.) leave undisturbed for 10min. do not lift lid, or steam could escape and rice will not cook properly

  3. Remove rice from heat. pour into wooden bowl (preferred). I sometimes use my cutting board.

  4. Whisk 2 pinches of sugar in 2 tbsp of rice vinegar (do this in rice pot, while it’s still warm, to break down the sugar) and pour over rice. gently turn rice to mix and break up rice chunks. leave to cool for a few min

  5. Heat 3 tbsp sesame oil in skillet.

  6. Add onions to lightly cook on low

  7. Rinse drain peas and carrots, set to side

  8. Add 2 eggs to skillet, lightly scramble, still on low

  9. While eggs are still runny (yellow helps color rice), add rice, peas and carrots. pour over 1/8th cup of soy sauce. turning mixture lightly to mix well. let cook until it starts to dry (3-5 min).

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