Sour Patch kid cookies

For my 100th recipe on here I wanted something different and crazy.
I got the recipe from the big 1 lbs bag of sour patch candy ( on the back of the bag) I think it would be better if you cut some of the candies. They did stick to the spatula and cookie wire rack when cooling . These taste different… the kids had a blast making these . We tried them warm and cooled down … it’s a must try at least one time . Hope you give this crazy cookie recipe a try and let me know if you like them or not.


  1. Sugar cookie dough
  2. Sour patch kids candies 14oz bag is what we used


  1. Make cookie dough to package Directions, then add in the sour patch candies and mix well.

  2. Make into so what of a ball the best you can. And place on cookie sheet. Bake cookies to bag directions. A cookie scoop might help.(use parchment paper)

  3. We saved some candies and put on the top of some of them.

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