Smoked Herring And Basil Tom Yum Fried Rice

My Simple Easy Complete Meal


  1. 1 can smoked herring fillet
  2. 3 cup cooked white rice
  3. 2 cup basil
  4. 1 tbsp each Of Tom Yum paste and water
  5. Pounded Paste
  6. 3 garlic
  7. 3 small onion
  8. 2 inch ginger
  9. All Sauce
  10. 2 tbsp light soy sauce
  11. 1 tsp fish sauce


  1. With oil pan fry pounded garlic and onion and ginger with the smoked herring fillet till fragrant then add in the basil and mix well

  2. Add in the cooked white rice with the light soy sauce and fish sauce and mix well then add in the Tom yum paste and some water and mix well for 2 more minutes

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