Simple Healthy Breakfast

I’m not a fan of bread
But if i do eat it
I only like French bread
I toasted and put margarine and peach jam ☺️
With a cup of coffee ☕️
But mostly i do without
If somehow a whole world runout of bread
it won’t bothers me at all LOL
My husband used to say I’m eating like a rabbit ?
Byt I’m perfer no bread .. that’s how I grow up
Most veggies and fruits and meat
Andrice also
In this moment
I fixed fresh beef steak & fried eggs
Of course I fixed more beef steak so i can share with my dog until he has enough/ full ?


  1. Beef steak (any kind)
  2. Eggs
  3. Black pepper
  4. Beef boilion
  5. Corn start/ tapioca


  1. First of all we have to wash our raw meat so wash away the nasty/ dirt on it

  2. Dry it out with pepper towel then seasoned with black pepper & beef boilion Mixed all together then give little sprinkles of corn starch/ tapioca powder

  3. Why do we must give little corn started into it… it was the key to seal the juice for leaking while you grill it ☺️ it will make the meat juice and tenders inside but dry outside

  4. My favorite fried eggs have to be 70 % done ✅ not to raw and not over cooked ☺️

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