1. Pork belly
  2. Lemon grass
  3. Spring onion
  4. Onions
  5. Garlic
  6. Peppercorn
  7. Ground pepper
  8. leaves Bay
  9. Salt
  10. Evaporated milk
  11. Twine


  1. First and foremost you have to prepare all the ingredients set the onion, garlic,lemon grass,and the spring onion aside and lets do the most important part of the process which is brining the meat (overnight) in this method we need a deep basin enough to store the meat for brining water,salt,peppercorn,bayleaves and ground pepper just mix it along with the water until it dissolves.

  2. And put in your pork belly just make sure you cut the meat without touching the skin so it will give a better taste later when cook…

  3. After the brining process (overnyt) we now need to prepare for the stuffing chop onion and the garlic and cut the lemon grass and the spring onion into half after that just mix it all together and then add a little bit of salt,ground pepper and garlic powder if you have.

  4. Remove the meat from brining and then rub some salt and pepper on the meat.

  5. Take on the stuffing and put it on the meat enough for you to roll the meat after adding the stuff.

  6. You now need twine to tie the meat

  7. Upon tieing the meat just make sure you tie it properly so it can hold the stuff inside (tie it tight)

  8. After that rub some salt,pepper on the skin and then the evaporated milk..let it dry before putting it inside the oven…

  9. Preheat oven for 5-10mins and make sure to set it into medium heat this will take a minimum of 3hours to cook check it randomly after an hour so it wont get overcook…..and this will be the finish product…serve it with rice along with vinegar ??

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