Pork belly for anything

I am a housewife and mommy.no helper.and husband have lunch at home all the time.cooking is something I try as much to simplified and make it fast. So I always prep my pork belly this way. I boil them with herbs and then I keep the broth for anything later on. This is my tips and idea,for all the smooth soft pork belly dish and delicious meal.


  1. Star anise
  2. Galangal
  3. Cinnamon
  4. Sweet soy sauce
  5. Rice wine
  6. Pork belly


  1. I prep it all like in this picture below. I forget what the other herbs called.but it is ok if u don’t have it the white color one. It is ok too if u want to add others thing as garlic. I simmer slow boil this 30-45m

  2. This is when it is done. U can always keep in your fridge this left over broth to mixed with any dish u cook later on.it can still be use for 2-3weeks. Yummy delicious n full of aroma.For the pork belly I normally divide it to how many portion or time I will need to use it.This cut me and save me a lot of time in making delicious dish. So happy try ?

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