Poppy  Rajgira (Amaranth)

India loves Rajgira. We use Amaranth for fasting. We make Sheera, Kheer,
Upama, purée, Bhakhari, khichdi.


  1. Poppy Rajgira
  2. Take small bowl rajgira
  3. Turn on stove keep heavy bottom pan, let it hot
  4. When the pan gets hot 1 teaspoon rajgira add into pan. Cover it. You can hear the creaking Rajgira writhing few second you get poppy Rajgira. Repeatedly follow same process


  1. Pan. Amaranth Poppy Amaranth.

  2. Hot the pan. Temperature Raw amaranth & poppy Amaranth

  3. Pan & stove temperature button.

  4. Amaranth & poppy amaranth.

  5. You can use poppy Amaranth with milk & honey. You can use in salads. Or it as it is.

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