Passion fruit cheesecake


  1. 15 pieces Shredded wheat meal
  2. 50 gr butter
  3. 150 gr cream cheese
  4. 2 yolks
  5. 250 ml whipping cream
  6. 10 gr gelatin
  7. 100 gr passion juice
  8. 100 gr caster sugar
  9. Toping:
  10. 30 gr water
  11. 50 gr passion juice with seed
  12. 5 gr gelatin
  13. 50 gr caster sugar


  1. Crush or blend the wheatmeal into crumb. Add butter and mix well into a pan. Press it flat and pop it in a freezer about 30-45 mins until the base is hard

  2. Beat the whipping cream until it becomes thick

  3. Boil the water. Use a bowl to steam the yolk(make sure the bowl not touch the water) and whisk until the color changes lightly. And steam the cream cheese and beat until it’s smooth. Mix the egg into the cream cheese and beat at a medium until them mix well. Wrap it and leave it cool

  4. Dissolve gelatin in a hot water. Add sugar into passion juice and boil. Add gelatin into the mixed passion juice. Pop in a cool water to make sure the mixed is cool

  5. Mix cream cheese, eggs into the whipping cream. Add 1/3 the mixed into the mixed of passion fruit. And then add the rest and mix it well

  6. Pour the mixed into a pan. Use a spatula to break the Bubble. Leave it in a fridge about 1-2 hours

  7. Dissolve the gelatin in a warm water. Boil sugar with passion fruit and water. Mix them well and leave it cool. Pour the mixture over the top. Leave it in a fridge until the jelly sets

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