Nigerian edikaikong soup

Edikangikong is a flavoursome and healthy vegetable soup to the Efik– Ibibio people of Akwa Ibom State and Cross River State of southeastern Nigeria. While you can blend various seasonal Nigerian ingredients together to make this delicious soup, here’s our edikaikong soup step-by-step recipe. Let’s get you started with fresh flavours and ingredients!


  1. Vegetables; 1 ½kg pumpkin leaves, 1kg water leaves
  2. 400 g beef
  3. 400 g dry or smoked fish
  4. 600 g assorted meat (ponmo and shaki)
  5. 1 medium stockfish
  6. 200 g periwinkle, or shrimp
  7. 1 large onion, chopped
  8. 300 ml palm oil, enough
  9. 1/2 cup crayfish, ground
  10. 3 bouillon cubes
  11. to taste Pepper
  12. to taste Salt


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