Mm goodness


  1. M&M's (8 packs)
  2. Evap milk (2 boxes)
  3. Strawberries
  4. Chocolate chips
  5. Nesquik dust
  6. Almond essence


  1. Mix the nesquik dust into the chocolate chips and evaporated milk (1 box) until wet and chocolatey.

  2. Crush the m& M’s (4packs) until colourful and sugary.

  3. Cut up the strawberries,mix evaporated milk with the almond essence with the now cut strawberries.

  4. Then mix all mixtures together back and forth. Bake for 45 minutes@ 250°C. Then take out&let cool and threw the other 4 packs onto the cake.

  5. Pour chocolate milk on the finished product if needed.

  6. Put icing on the cake (optional)

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