Macrooni chat #cookpadramdan


  1. For macrooni
  2. 1 small pack of macrooni
  3. 1 tbs Salt
  4. Water for boiling
  5. For mixing
  6. 2 Tomato
  7. 2 Potato boiled
  8. 2 onion
  9. 1 capsicum
  10. 2-3 Green chilies
  11. Corinder leaves fresh as required
  12. Mint leaves fresh as required
  13. Salt 1tbs or as required
  14. Chat masla 2tbs or as required
  15. Imli sauce as required
  16. Lemon juice 4tbs or as required


  1. First in water add salt and oil when it starts boiling add macrooni pack mix it once then leave it until boiled completely strain the water and set aside

  2. Then in a big bowl mix all the ingredients together along with boiled macrooni mix all the ingredients well and serve it

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