Left Over Vegetables Bread

When cooking for our family,sometimes I have vegetables left over, and the last thing I’d want to see is them getting old and icky after too much time in the fridge. 
When food goes in the trash in our home, I see money going into the trash, and my frugal heart skips a beat.
sometimes just reheating the veggies on their own leaves them less appealing, but I won’t let that hold me back. 

By finding creative ways to use leftover vegetables,I can reduce food waste, make the most of our grocery budget, and enjoy healthy foods while I’m at it.

You can use this ideal to make your everyday meal useful.Take Love from Bangladesh.?


  1. 100 gram flour
  2. Salt as required
  3. 2 tablespoon yougard
  4. 2 cup left over Vegetables
  5. as needed Oil
  6. Water to make dough


  1. Make a dough by useing flour,salt half boiled water and yougard. Devide them into small pieces. Make 2 bread from two pieces of dough.

  2. Put some left over Vegetables on one bread and put another bread on the vegetables.Then sill it properly in every side.

  3. In a Tawa, fry the roti filled with left over Vegetables.After frying,roti is ready.

  4. Serve it with salad and Chatni.Enjoy.

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