Keto Bolognese Sauce II


  1. 250 g canned mixed veggies,(corn,capsicum,olives)
  2. 200 g ground meet of your choice
  3. 250 ml italian gnocchi sauce with tomatoe n pancetta
  4. 2 tbsp oil
  5. 2 onions
  6. 3 tsp salt


  1. Heat the oil in a pan and add the onions, cut into small cubes. Fry it til onions are translucent, stir often, add little salt

  2. Add the canned veggies, i used Bonduelle, my favourite brand, which has sweet corn, capsicum, green and black olives.

  3. Add the ground meet and some salt, stir well.

  4. Lastly i added the italian tomatoe sauce for gnocchi which has smoked pancetta in it and all the italian spices like oregano and basil. Its a really good sauce. I cooked it for some more time till tomatoe got incorporated into the meat.

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