Japanese Chawanmushi (Steamed Egg Custard)

Chawanmushi is a classic steamed egg dish in Japan. Even Japanese think that cooking smooth texture of Chawanmushi is difficult. However, if you understand the tips, you will not fail in making this. Although we usually use dashi soup(Japanese soup stock), there is also a way to use chicken stock cubes as a substitute for dashi and I will introduce how in this recipe. Taste is still awesome so please try! You can also change ingredients to your favorite ones.


  1. 2 Egg
  2. 1 Chicken stock cube(Consomme cube)
  3. Some Japanese honeywort(mitsuba)
  4. Some Japanese fish cake(Kamaboko)
  5. 70 g Chicken breast
  6. To taste Salt and pepper
  7. Any of your favorite ingredients(Mushroom, shrimp, etc)


  1. Cut honeywort and Japanese fish cake in small pieces. Cut chicken in small pieces and add salt and pepper.

  2. Crack 2 eggs into a bowl and weigh them. (It was 115g for 2 eggs this time.)

  3. Mix a chicken stock cube with 400g of boiling water. (Since each brand has different taste, please taste it and make it a bit less rich compared to when you use a stock to make a soup.)

  4. ☆Tip 1☆ Egg: The ratio of egg and soup (chicken stock soup this time) should be “1: 3”!! This is a key to make a beautiful Chawanmushi! Since 2 eggs were 115g this time, we need 115g×3=345g of soup should be mixed together. Measure and take only 345g out of 400g soup. (55g of soup will not be used)

  5. ☆Tip 2☆ After measuring the amount of soup, please leave it for a while and cool it. If you don’t have time, you can put ice cubes in a bowl and carefully put the bowl with soup inside.

  6. Pour water to a pot or pan(until around 3cm height) and sink a cloth. Boil the water.
    ☆Tip 3☆ By placing a cloth inside boiled water, it will avoid the cups to tremble and the surface of Chawanmushi will be smoother.

  7. Put chicken and kamaboko into a heat resistant cups.
    ☆Tip 4☆ Choose small cups. If you cook with a large cup or plate, it will take a lot more time to heat until inside and more chance to fail.

  8. Once the chicken soup gets cool, mix it with eggs.

  9. ☆Tip 5☆ Pour the mixture of egg with soup into each cup with using a colander. By using collander, it will become smooth texture.

  10. Add Japanese honeywort leaves on top.

  11. ☆Tip 6☆ Cover the cups tightly with aluminum foil.

  12. ☆Tip 7☆ Put the cups in a boiling pot and cover with lid(Do not open the gap). <Cook 3 minutes on a medium high heat, 10 minutes on a low heat, stop heat and steam for 3 minutes.>

  13. Tilt a cup and if the juice is clear, it’s done! If the juice is still not

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