InstantPot 'Instant' Tom Yum Soup


  1. 2 Baby Bok Choy
  2. 1 Sweet Chili
  3. Handful sugar snap peas
  4. 3 crushed garlic
  5. 1 slice tofu
  6. 1 qt water
  7. to taste Tom Yum flavoring
  8. Rice, optional
  9. Paprika for finishing color


  1. Can serve alone but good with a carb! I’m going with a short grain sweet rice! I bring this to a simmer for 6 minutes and let sit for 10 before stirring.

  2. All in but LEAVE out the shrimp! Chop everything accordingly.

  3. About a dozen shrimps…

  4. Cut or chop and add to the soup. It’s on keep warm so stir them around and watch for done.

  5. Serve and hope you enjoy!

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