Instant pot – Cold starter yogurt


  1. 52 fl oz Ultra-filtered milk * 2
  2. 8 oz yogurt/culture


  1. In a 6qt Instant Pot dunk in both the bottles of milk.

  2. Mix in the whole of yogurt. Ensure that you have a clean and fresh lid, seal and insert pot or you could end up with yogurt smelling like the gravy you previously cooked before! 😅

  3. Now close the IP lid. I have an Ultra model. Now, in ultra, go to Yogurt mode, set in a time about 8 hours and custom the dial to read a 110°F in the screen. Then press start.

  4. For other models, press the yogurt button and set it to normal for 8 hours or more.

  5. Once done, open the lid and transfer to the fridge. Cool it at least for 4 hours to get the perfect yogurt.

  6. Note: Milk used here is ultra-filtered. This is why it is not boiled. This is cold starter method. For other milks, kindly boil milk to a 180°F, cool it to 110°F or room temperature. Then you can continue to pour that milk in IP and follow the remaining steps.

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