Donuts ?

Donuts are my favorite desert ever & there is another reason that I made when I am 9 yrs old I made this recipe for first time and it was very tasty…..#EidKiMeethas

  • Cover it & Rest it for 1 hour or until dough is rise up… the following contensity…

  • Roll the donut dough with roller pin and make donuts from donut cutter or with a medium size big tin and small bottle cap….

  • Rest the donuts for 15 min more and deep fry in medium to high flame until golden or golden brown

  • Making chocolate glaze add icing sugar and cocoa powder in bowl then mix it with milk and make chocolate glaze for donuts ?

  • Dip the front part of donut into chocolate glaze. And garnishing some sprinkles. & enjoy????

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