Cabbage manchuria


  1. 150 g all purpose flour
  2. 1 tsp Soy sauce
  3. Salt
  4. Red chilly powder
  5. Onion 1mesim size
  6. Garlic cloves 1_2
  7. Slit green chillies5_6
  8. Coriander leaves handful
  9. 2 tbsp Oil
  10. 250 gms Cabbage


  1. Take 250grams of shredded cabbage

  2. Add all purpose flour to it. Then add soy sauce res chilly powder and salt and little water and make dough.

  3. With that dough make small balls and deep fry it.

  4. Then take other pan add oil cloves, green chilly, soy sauce and little salt. Then put the cabbage balls in it.

  5. Cook for 2minutes. Ur cabbage manchurian ready to eat. Those who hate veggies will love to eat it.

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