6 layer dip

This dip feeds a lot of people! If you are going to a get together tell your family you have the appetizer.If you bring this to a party everyone is going to love you!?You can add whatever you like in the dip or you can make it a ten layer dip. Whatever makes you happy!!!??? You don’t even have to use fancy tools just use a fork and a spoon! So easy and only takes 5-10 minutes!!!!


  1. Cream cheese
  2. Half a container of Sour cream
  3. 2 peppers
  4. Green onions
  5. Tomatos
  6. Salsa
  7. Half a brick of cheese


  1. First, let the cream cheese sit for 2 hours so it can be easy to work with.

  2. Put the whole brick of cream cheese in a serving bowl or plate.

  3. Add the sour cream with with the cream cheese then mix those two together. That will be your first layer. Make sure to only put a half of container of sour cream.

  4. Next, cut up your peppers. Make sure to cut them small enough that both of the peppers fit all across your serving plate or bowl. That’s your second layer! Make sure you don’t have chunks of peppers!.

  5. Then, chop up your green onions small enough to fit in your serving bowl or plate. That’s your third layer.

  6. Your fourth layer is tomato’s! Cut up your tomatoes or tomato up into the size of what you cut your peppers. Make sure don’t have big chunks!

  7. The next layer is salsa. Now this will be your fifth layer! Just pour the the salsa all across your serving plate or bowl.

  8. Now this is your last layer. Layer number 6!!!!!! Grab your brick of cheese and shred it. Then put it all across the top and your done!!!!????

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