Grown-Ups Deserve Easter Baskets, Too. Here's What to Put in Them

You’re an adult. You can stay up late and go on vacation and eat crackers for dinner if you want—but it’s unlikely that anyone has, say, stuffed a Christmas stocking or hid an Easter egg for you in a hot minute. And doesn’t that suck?

It’s almost Easter, the holiday with arguably the best candy and after a long, cold winter, who doesn’t welcome the opportunity to incorporate sugary foods and pastel colors into their life? Though we try to eat healthy most of the time, we think you deserve the occasional treat.

Eating healthy should still be delicious.

So here’s our idea: Grown-ups deserve Easter baskets, too.

To make it easier, we made one up, just for you. Tailor the contents to your (or your lucky friend’s) own preferences, but we very scientifically (through a quick survey of whoever was in the office at that moment) figured out three categories of items to build your basket with. So here’s how we built ours.


We could all take a little bit better care of ourselves. But the real fun of an Easter basket is that you don’t really need anything that’s in it—it’s just nice to have. So we started with some yummy-smelling soap from Trader Joe’s (the lemon-verbena smell is divine!), some cute socks (does anyone ever have enough cute socks?), and some totally luxurious foot cream. Because everyone loves a face mask, we popped a few of those in, too. And because we’re a little extra, and it fit our color scheme, we picked up a cute soap dish at Target, too. Oh, and the “basket” is actually a decorative metal dealy we thought would work well for under-cabinet storage or pantry organization (we are a cooking site). Oh, and because self-care, we included a citrusy-smelling candle, too.

Delicious Things

Is it really an Easter basket if it doesn’t have something good to eat? And, since you are, as we established, a grown-up, we thought we’d start with something good to drink. It’s spring, and it’s warm. So let’s have some sparkling wine, shall we? Since this is a grown-up Easter basket, we’re saying a hard no to Peeps and the like, so we put this Godiva assortmentin our basket. We also had some grown-up marshmallows from Smashmallow on hand (we’re partial to the cookie dough flavor).

Warm-Weather Accessories

It’s spring! Yay! Grown-ups take beach vacations, so we added a cute new beach towel to the mix. And because adulting for some reason involves plants (???), we picked up a cute grow-your-own rose kit from Bullseye’s Playground (AKA the Dollar Spot) at Target. Make your life green and beautiful. But, most importantly, we picked up a freezable slushy cocktail maker. It’s genius, actually. You just pop the contents into the (cute, pink) carafe, freeze it overnight, pack it to go, and then when you’re ready, just squish the sides until your drink is the perfect, slushy consistency. Because Slushies are for grown-ups, too.

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