Get Your Butter Out of the Fridge Door And Into One of These

Stop what you’re doing and open your fridge. Now, where is your butter? Is it shoved into the corner on one of those shelves lining the door? Is any part of that stick exposed, or is it just stored inside a random Ziploc bag? If you answered “yes” to either of those last two questions, you’re committing a crime against your butter and your taste buds. 

Don’t worry, though. Atonement and far more delicious butter is within your grasp. All you need is a butter keeper. Combined with a little water, a ceramic butter keeper creates an airtight environment that keeps your butter fresh at room temperature. And let’s be real: Unless you’re using it to make pie dough or biscuits, you want your butter at room temperature. It’s easier to cook with. It’s easier to spread. And more importantly, it’s going to taste divine. Isn’t it time you did something nice for your butter? 

If you’re not comfortable leaving your butter keeper on the counter for days, that’s fine, but at least take it out of the fridge in advance of heavy butter usage so the butter will be nice and soft when you need it. In case you’re not sure what you want in a butter keeper, we’ve gone ahead and picked some out for you. Those Kerrygold sticks will thank you. 

This OXO Softworks butter dish is simple and shows off what’s inside. $9.99, Target. 

This Williams Sonoma butter keeper is unpretentious and affordable. $10, Williams Sonoma. 

Of course, they also carry slightly more pretentious and less affordable butter keepers as well. $42, Williams Sonoma. 

Look, maybe you also have a terrible obsession with vintage glass. If that’s the case, Antique Farmhouse has you covered. $17, Antique Farmhouse. 

This one looks a lot like Marie Kondo’s favorite butter dish, but costs much less. $16.27, Amazon. 

West Elm’s having a sale right now, so save on this textured butter dish. $18, West Elm. 

Speaking of sale, this Crate & Barrel butter keeper’s on clearance. $9.97, Crate & Barrel

Or you could get fancy with this French ceramic butter keeper from Food52. $45, Food52. 

Look, this one has a flip-top and comes with a spreader. $12.99, Bed Bath & Beyond. 

Unsurprisingly, Joanna Gaines’ Target line has a butter keeper that’ll help you live out your farmhouse fantasies. $12.99, Target. 




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