Editors Picks: 7 Best Potato Chips

Editors Picks: 6 Best Potato Chips

Bonilla a la Vista

These chips, made by the ame family in Spain since the 1930s, are fried in 100 percent olive oil for a bright, fresh taste. $6 for 5 oz.; formaggiokitchen.com.

Rusty’s Black Pepper

Thick-cut and made by hand in Southern California, Rusty’s are brimming with fresh cracked pepper. $39 for twelve 3-oz. bags; rustyschips.com.

Cape Cod Original Reduced Fat

Our top pick in the classic category: these think, supercrunchy chips. We love that they wear homey dips equally as well as creme fraiche and caviar. $4 for 8 oz.; amazon.com.

Zapp’s Spicy Cajun Crawtators

Each chip packs a hit of hot sauce and cayenne with a salty kick. They taste like a crawfish boil in a bag. $2 for 5 oz.; amazon.com.

Jackson’s Honest Purple Heirloom

Antioxidant-rich purple potatoes plus cholesterol-free coconut oil equals zero guilt. Go ahead, do the math! $3 for 5 oz.; jacksonshonest.com.

Kettle Brand Jalapeño

These zesty chips amp up even the most basic sandwich. The spicy flavor builds as you eat more of them. $3 for 5 oz.; amazon.com.

365 Sea Salt Classic

Editors loved this one’s not-too-salty, hearty potato flavor. $3 for 10 oz.; wholefoodsmarket.com.

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