4 Kinds of Trendy Pretzels to Make Now

According to food industry consulting firm Technomic, successful “flavor trends” evolve along a predictable path from introduction to maturity. Pretzels, the firm contends, “are in the growth phase of the ‘Flavor Cycle.'” While the firm’s research focuses mostly on chain restaurants, we are seeing amazing new pretzels in some of our favorite independent places around the country. Here, four delicious pretzels to make now.

1. Soft Pretzels
Boiling the pretzels before baking gives them a deliciously chewy interior.

2. German-Style Pretzels
Pretzels baked without salt can be frozen for up to 1 month.

3. Pretzel Dumplings
This fun take on traditional bread dumplings is a great way to use leftover pretzels.

4. German Soft Pretzel Sticks
F&W chef-in-residence Grant Achatz eats these slightly sweet, dark pretzels with ranch dressing.

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