Women reveals how she lost three stone and shed belly fat for impressive abs with diet

Weight loss is often a goal someone works hard for and is proud to show off.

This dieter did just that, posting her weight loss transformation on Reddit for all to see.

A thread on the website called “ProgressPics” gives internet users a chance to publish pictures of their weight loss journey and give hints and tips to others also looking to shed fat.

This 26-year-old woman did just that, detailing how she lost an impressive three stone and shed belly fat for some impressive abs.

Weight loss diet plan: Reddit user reveals how she lost three stone and shed belly fat

Once weighing 11.2 stone, she now weighs a much more petite 8.3 stone.

The dieter revealed she was “obese” before she began dieting.

She said: “In spring 2016 I weighed my highest ever – 185lbs – and at 5’5″ that means I hit “obese” on the BMI chart.

“That was a wake up call at the time and I worked to get my weight down before eventually stagnating in the 160s and stopping tracking.”

The Reddit user revealed that her weight loss journey was part of an general lifestyle overhaul focusing on health.

She said: “I started anti-depressants and have regained control of my life: I quit smoking, I’ve further reduced my already reduced drinking, purged over a decades worth of crap I’ve held on to, started portion control, stretch and meditate daily, and have started journaling.”

She revealed she followed something called the CICO diet – so what is this?

The CICO diet stands for calories in, calories out and sees followers count calories, focusing on this figure.

She said: “Once I mastered CICO, I started learning about getting adequate protein and balancing carbs.

“I don’t eat less than 100g protein/day now that I’m lifting. It’s definitely helped in weight loss and muscle definition.”

She added: “I’m combining 1200 (calories) with 14:10 IF (mostly because I don’t have a predictable time to eat lunch at work).”

This means he fasts for 14 hours a day and eats all her calories within a 10 hour window.

Another weight loss diet trick many swear by is taking apple cider vinegar everyday. 

Drinking apple cider vinegar has been shown to help dieters flatten their abs more quickly than if they don’t have any at all.

Choosing to take the bitter drink at a certain time of day can make a difference to how well it works.

A study of obese rats found the drink not only reduced the store of belly fat, but stopped them from gaining fat as easily in the first place.

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