Weight loss: Too much exercise could be jeopardising your slimming efforts warns expert

MasterChef’s Gregg Wallace shares weight loss tips

Weight loss can be tricky to achieve and it’s disappointing when you don’t see the physical improvements you’d hoped for. A nutritionist has revealed you might actually be making some major mistakes with your diet that could be getting in the way. Signe Svanfeldt, from healthy living app Lifesum, has shared three huge no-nos for those trying to slim down.

She explained that one big faux-pas is doing too much cardio.

Many dieters ramp up their exercise regime in the hope that it may help them shed the pounds more effectively.

However, slimmers may be taking it too far.

“Physical activity is great and has major health benefits,” said Signe.

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“Many tend to think that, in order to lose weight, you need to be on the treadmill for two hours daily.

“Regular physical activity is great, but there’s no point in overdoing it in order to lose weight.”

Instead, those looking to weight should make sure their eating habits are as healthy as possible.

“Nutrition is number one when it comes to losing weight,” the expert added.

Similarly, it’s easy to think that dramatically cutting down on how much you eat is the key to weight loss.

However, as with the cardio, it’s vital not to overdo this approach.

“A common mistake when losing weight is to eat as little as possible,” said Signe.

“People tend to think that if they just eat a minimal amount of calories, they’ll reach their goal sooner. It’s really not that simple.

“Yes, you need to be on an energy deficit in order to lose weight, but too large an energy deficit can result in fatigue, nutrient deficiencies and osteoporosis.”

The nutritionist added: “A steady, stable and healthy weight loss pace, where you ensure you get enough energy and nutrients, is key.”

It’s always important to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

“Many people just want to reach their goal as soon as possible, and don’t pay attention to a sustainable long-term solution, which often results in extreme diets, followed by old routines appearing again,” Signe warned.

“It’s better to find a long-term solution that you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle!”

With this in mind, the nutritionist advises against jumping on the latest fad regime.

“Starting a trendy strict diet, that you heard worked miraculously for other people, might not work perfectly for you,” she cautioned.

“Weight loss is highly individual. Just because something worked for one person, it doesn’t mean that it will be suitable for all.”

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