Weight loss: One woman shed astounding five stone in one year with this diet plan

Those hoping to lose a few pounds can look to other slimmers to pick up some tips. One woman shed an incredible amount of weight after seeing an unflattering picture from her Christmas party. Did she use a diet plan to slim down?


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Cory Sayer, 29, from Norfolk, was first inspired to lose weight after struggling to find a Christmas jumper that fit for a work lunch.

She said: “I’d bought the biggest size they did in Asda and still it was a tight fit, but instead of looking in the mirror I just thought, that’ll do.

“I never really realised how big I looked or how bad things had gotten until the cook said she wanted to get a photo of us all and then she put it on Facebook.

“I saw myself and it made me cringe, I just sat and cried looking at it.

“That was the turning point for me. What was meant to be a bit of fun for Christmas was the absolute opposite of that and I knew I had to do something about it.”

Cory admitted she has battled with her weight since being a teen and the pounds had crept on over the years.

“I’m someone who has always struggled with my weight, even as a teenager,” she added. “By the time I was 18 I was a size 18.

“It was down to a combination of eating the wrong things and snacking, but mostly it was portion sizes.

“I’d always put way too much on my plate and then think I had to eat it all, and I was also constantly picking at the kids’ tea if they left anything on their plates.

“I’m only in my 20s and I love clothes, but I struggled to buy anything nice so I always ended up in frumpy T-shirts and jeans or leggings.

“I’d look at other friends the same age and wish I could shop like they did and wear what they wore.”

After struggling to fit into a size 22 Christmas jumper and being mortified by the pictures, the mum-of-two decided to overhaul her diet.


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“I wasn’t looking forward to Christmas parties because when everyone else was all dressed up, I always felt uncomfortable in what I was wearing and whenever there was a group photo I’d be the one who offered to take it so I didn’t have to be in it.

“That’s one of the reasons why the school Christmas party photo really shocked me – I finally saw myself how I really looked.”

Signing up for her local Slimming World group, the dieter changed her lifestyle and started eating healthier foods.

Previously skipping breakfast and snacking on sweets, chocolate and crisps, Cory decided to ditch the treats.

Before shaping up, the dieter would tuck into kebabs, pizza and chips but she swapped those foods for healthy home cooked meals.

“The only thing I have once they’ve gone to bed now is a coffee,” she added.

The dieter also revealed her confidence has increased and she will no longer shy away from the camera when in her Christmas jumper.

Cory said: “I’m making the most of any chance to wear it, I’m going to have it on all the time up until Christmas Day, and I can shop for party outfits too.

“The jumper says ‘Fab-Yule-ous’ and after being so down when I saw last year’s photo on Facebook, that’s honestly how I feel.”

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