Weight loss: One woman shed a whopping 10st in just 10 months with diet plan change

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When trying to get into shape, taking diet tips from those who have slimmed down can be a great way to start. One woman opened up about her weight loss transformation.

Holly Hague, from Sheffield, had always struggled with her weight, often turning to food as a comfort.

She would regularly skip breakfast and fill up on high carb foods throughout the day.

Before slimming down, Holly explained her go-to foods included sandwiches, sausage rolls, crisps and takeaway pizzas.

But in 2017, she decided “enough was enough” and decided to make a change.

Holly said: “I spent my childhood being chunkier than others in my class and far too many years comfort eating to drown out the mean remarks.

“At the end of 2017 I was in the mindset of ‘new year new me’ and I knew I wanted fast weight loss that really would change my eating habits for good. It was time I found my self-worth.”

Wanting to transform her figure but not knowing where to start, Holly turned to her local slimming group, which was run by weight-management company LighterLife.

She signed up for the LighterLife Total Plan which allowed her to eat a calorie controlled plan using the brands products.

“The LighterLife Total Plan was perfect for me,” Holly continued.

“It took food out of the equation; I didn’t have to obsess or worry over the number of calories or if I’d unknowingly eaten the wrong thing.

“My local LighterLife group was in Sheffield and I just loved spending an hour a week focusing on my goals, both with weight loss and in life.”

Before long, Holly noticed the number on the scales start to go down.

Previously weighing in at 21st 5lb, Holly slimmed down to 11st 4lb – a total weight loss of 10st 1lb.

After initially losing weight on the calorie controlled plan, she started to maintain her toned frame with a healthy balanced diet.

Holly swapped unhealthy convenience foods for meals like healthy chicken and vegetable stir-fries.

As her waistline slimmed, the dieter noticed her confidence start to improve.

She continued: “Since losing 10 stone I feel like a totally different person both physically and mentally.

“Of course, from the outside I’m almost unrecognisable but the biggest change is how I feel about myself and the world around me.

“Now, a size 10, I’m embracing the stares because I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved in 10 months. People can’t believe it’s me!”

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