Weight loss: Michael Mosley shares why you should avoid snacking at night – ‘stop eating’

Weight loss: Dr Michael Mosley discusses the benefits of fasting

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Dr Michael Mosley, inventor of The Fast 800 plan, regularly shares his weight loss advice. Appearing on his own television programmes as well as This Morning, the expert has shared the best time to eat dinner to help slimmers lose weight.

Although in order to lose weight the body must be eating less food than it is burning, consuming food late at night could also hinder results.

This is because the food reached for late at night tends to be higher in calories such as processed snacks.

Consuming these snacks late at night can add hundreds of extra calories onto a slimmers daily allowance, hindering weight loss.

As well as this, eating late at night is not recommended due to the digestive process closing down and preparing for sleep.

Dr Michael Mosley advises slimmers to eat dinner earlier in the evening.

He said: “Broadly, I encourage people to try and have their evening meal earlier, say 7pm-7:30pm.

“Try and stop eating by 8pm, and then not eat anything with calories after that.

“The temptation is to eat cheese and bisects late into the night. Although the idea that cheese will give you nightmares is a complete and utter myth, it will obviously be quite a lot of calories loaded on late at night.”

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The expert explained that eating high levels of fat and sugar at night will hang around in your system much longer.

This is because “your body is just closed down for the night”.

Dr Mosley added: “Your digestive process will be closing down and it will really not appreciate that late night snack.”

Just by cutting out late night snacks, slimmers could reach their weight loss goals a lot quicker.

The expert went on: “I think the main thing is to try and restrict alcohol and caffeine late at night, because both are likely to keep you awake.

“People do use alcohol as a way of getting enough sleep, but the reality is it will lead to fragmented sleep and you’ll wake up a lot more during the night, which is very clear.”

Instead, Dr Mosley recommends sipping on a cup of camomile tea or ginger tea.

He said: “It’s probably a best bet at night time.”

Another way to help the weight loss process without dieting is to make sure you are getting enough sleep.

Getting adequate, quality sleep is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle and research shows that sleeping less increases hunger and appetite.

Dr Mosley explained: “There is a close link between not getting enough sleep and becoming overweight.

“One of the things that happens when you get less than seven hours sleep a night, you become crazily hungry the next day, particularly craving carbs.”

The expert said that studies have shown that after a single night of poor sleep, people on average eat around 350 extra calories the following day.

He added: “As anyone who has tried to lose weight will testify, fighting a losing battle against your own willpower can be a dispiriting experience. “Too often, diets leave people weighing even more than they did to begin with, as they struggle with constant hunger, cravings and loss of energy.

“There is a better way. By getting enough sleep, your body will re-set its hormones to make better food choices. And this is just the start: with a high-fresh, low-carb diet, intermittent fasting, and exercise tailored specifically for the needs of those who want to lose weight, you can completely re-set your appetite.

“You won’t want to eat unhealthy food, and the weight that you lose won’t come back.”

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